Neil’s Novels

The Alan Stewart & Vera Deward Mystery Series

deadly_cover_webDEADLY ATTRACTION
The idyllic calm of Green Lake is shattered when a young carpenter stumbles upon a partially-clothed starlet’s body. The victim, Audrey Lockhart, a beautiful young woman with visions of Hollywood in her eyes, a reputation of making male friends too easily and a fiery nature, also happens to be the niece of King County Commissioner Dan Lockhart.
Once more detectives Alan Stewart and Vera Deward are called upon to use their unique combination of old-fashioned sleuthing, hard knocks and bruised knuckles to solve the heinous crime. Descending into the depths of depravity, they fight their way through gambling dens, the Chinese underground and the Seattle Waterfront uncovering the fact that sometimes, blood is thicker than water.

9780980151091UNHOLY ALLIANCE
SEATTLE 1948: Despite dubious wounds, including two .38 slugs to the face, Police Officer Charles “Hacksaw” Sawyer’s death is ruled a suicide. Suspecting something far more sinister, Chief of Detectives  Mike Ketchum attempts to dig a little deeper until he is ordered by his superiors to leave the crime alone. Unable to let matters lie, Ketchum once again turns to private detectives Alan Stewart and Vera Deward.
Unaided by the police, and thwarted by the underworld, Alan and Vera race to unravel clues that lead them through opium dens, tattoo parlors and the region’s most infamous pleasure palace. Along the way, they uncover a long list of suspects that include forty or more police officers, convicted bootleggers put out of business by Sawyer during his recent tenure on the Dry Squad, and the godfather of Chinatown’s largest pleasure emporium, Goon Dip Wong. Can Alan and Vera outwit both sides of the law to solve the mystery that no one wants solved or will they fall prey to the same forces that brought down Hacksaw Sawyer?

In the dark misty streets of Seattle, there are no vacations from crime. Just one week after young PI Alan Steward tangles with the White Dragon, he finds himself once again paired with the beautiful and dangerous Vera Deward and embroiled in a mystery that is shaking the entire city. This time, a well-known aging heiress has disappeared. Has she simply departed early for a glamorous honeymoon as her much younger and newly acquired husband insists or has there been foul-play?
Alan and Vera race against the clock, through the murky Seattle cityscape looking for clues to the heiress’s whereabouts. Clues that lead to shady hotels, underground catacombs in Chinatown and to heart-pounding confrontations on fast-moving locomotives. Can Alan unwind the mystery and recover the heiress or will this mystery elude him?

1940 Seattle
The eve of WWII. Imperial Japan threatens to conquer Asia and the entire Pacific Theater. Supplies and support are flowing into the region. Vital to this effort is the city of Seattle. But now it’s crucial role in the supply chain is beginning to attract some shady and exotic  international forces.
Following a tip from his mentor, Vic Morrison, young Alan Stewart uses his detective skills to track down Tiger Lee, a sexy American operative on a mission to disrupt the Japanese spy network. Working together, the two set out to eliminate the head of their Japanese rivals: a dangerous samurai whose movements are shrouded in mystery.  What begins as a hunt for justice quickly turns into a maelstrom of revenge – a race against the clock as politics become personal and loyalties are tested from every side. Returning to the scene of his first novel, Thick as Thieves, author Neil Low proves once again that in the shadowy underbelly of a city, nothing is as it first appears, and what you don’t know just might hurt you.

thmb_thievesTHICK AS THIEVES
Seattle in the 1940s:
From its sprawling ports to its exotic bordellos in Chinatown, it is a rain-drenched harbor of greed, sex, corruption, and now a mysterious murder.  Alan Stewart loses his private detective father at the hands of corrupt police officials.
As he sets out to seek answers and avenge his father’s death, Alan uncovers clues that lead all the way to the ‘Crime of the Century’ – the Lindbergh Kidnapping!



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